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Dr. Bruce Field Does Good Things

Dr. Bruce Field devoted 40 years to teaching an learning. Recently retired, he joins me to reflect on a multifaceted and distinguished career devoted to service.

LGBTQ+ Youth Advocate Zach Lowe

I'm proud to share a conversation between a distinguished New Jersey High School teacher and Zach Lowe, an advocate for LGBTQ+ youth.

Transatlantic Connections with Dr. Berit Ebert

Dr. Berit Ebert is VP of Programs at the American Academy in Berlin, where she fosters academic and cultural connections and promotes meaningful transatlantic discours...

Shanti Chu Democratizes Philosophy

Shanti Chu is a community college philosophy instructor. She raises challenging questions, grapples with biases, fosters critical thinking, and opens the marketplace o...

CA Teacher of the Year, Daniel Jocz

Daniel Jocz might be the best high school social studies teacher in America. He's also a YouTube sensation and a fine fella.

Discovering Our Voices with Choral Director, Joseph Curtis

Dr. Joseph Curtis is a veteran high school choir director committed to meeting students where they are, empowering them to find their voices, and creating harmony.

Coach Cal Teaches Life Lessons...and Sports

Nate Calhoun is an elementary school physical education teacher who uses sports and games as vehicles to teach lessons that last a lifetime.

Kate Creates Compassionate Communities

Kate Mueller is an early years educator, deeply devoted to holistic instruction. She makes five-year-olds WANT to come to school.

Modeling Vulnerability, Tamara Guides Us

Tamara Faber is an elementary school guidance counselor who fosters growth mindset, guides healthy friendships, and encourages youth leadership.

This Roundtable Sparks Joy

Patrons Carl Hauck, Michał Mroziński, and Eric Spencer talk about talking about work.

OMG Help! Where's This Train Going?

My esteemed co-host and I reveal exciting podcast news, do some housekeeping, and discuss the future(s) of the pod.

Q&A 2: Secrets Declassified

Beloved listeners chime in with questions again. Not learning from his error last week, DL cracks a beer and stumbles towards answers.

Audience Q & A

My audience chimes in with questions. DL cracks a Belgian beer and struggles to respond.

Season 5 Highlights, Part 2

Celebrity guest host Madeline Rose Lazar returns to walk us through some highlights from the back half of Season 5.

Season 5 Highlights, Part 1

Special Guest Host Madeline Rose Lazar walks us through some of the highlights of the front half of Season 5.

Justin & Nariba Explore Terms of Service

Chef Nariba Shepherd and industry guy Justin Arnett Graham co-host an engaging and empathic podcast that explores the peril and the promise of working in the hospitali...

Kibbitzing with Sam Tatel, Companion to the Elderly

Sam Tatel is the founder and President of Companions for Seniors. He helps seniors live independently and with dignity in the comfort of their own homes. He fosters co...

PhiLEXenia! Lex Badoian Spreads Joy, One Cookie at a Time

Lex Badoian bakes desserts that will blow your mind!

ER Nurse Kayla Ming Escaped Prison & Hit the Road

Kayla Ming is a nurse who specializes in addiction treatment. She heals herself and others.

If You're Not First, You're Last: Into the Pain Cave of UltraRunner Zach Miller

Zach Miller is among the best ultrarunners in the world. He is also a swell fella.

Rachel Dickstein Tears Down Walls

Rachel Dickstein is an educator and project developer and manager at Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen (The Stasi Prison Memorial).

Monsieur Julien G, Concierge

An esteemed member of Les Clefs d'Or, Julien G. is a concierge at a five star superior hotel in Berlin.

Getting SaaSy with Justin Jackson, Bootstrapper

Justin is the co-founder of, supporting podcasters, providing analytics, and building communities.

Surprise Guest Crashes Season 5 Prelude

Season 5 launches next week. Wanna hear what's in store for ya?

Working Roundtable 2: Electric Boogaloo

I welcome three Patrons to explore the pod. Big thanks to Lorri Hofer, Richard Schwartz, and Scott Robbin for their support!

Hip Cat Lab Rat: Virologist Dave O'Connor

Dr. David O'Connor is a virologist and infectious disease researcher at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He is also the intercontinental champion.

Evidence of a Struggle: Billy and Amanda of Reverend Billy's Chop Shop

The Reverend Billy Simmons and his partner in life and in work Amanda Simmons share the story and the mission of their punky, funky, and downright rockin' salon on Chi...

Jason Teplitz, Cyberwarrior!

Jason Teplitz is a cybersecurity expert and a sales engineering manager. His team makes hospitals, schools, governments, businesses, and elections more secure.

April Fools! Pet Eulogist Howard Maple

To launch our new series, ¡StudZ'ShortZ!, we welcome internationally acclaimed certified pet funeral celebrant, Howard Maple. Dr. Maple brings pets into the afterlife ...

Cardiologist with a Heart of Gold, Guio Mendieta

Guiomar Mendieta MD, PHD is a Cardiologist with a specialty in Ischemic heart disease. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at CNIC in Madrid and is studying epidemi...

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