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Karen Waples Shares Stories of the World

Karen Waples is an educator, an AP Consultant, and a textbook author. We discuss her new textbook, Comparative Government and Politics: Stories of the World. Do you en...

Eric Pan Speaks in the Old Way

Eric Pan is a composer, pianist, and storyteller. Here is Eric's website. Follow his riveting Insta account @pandelic. Explore his music on Spotify, Soundcloud, on You...

Each Petal a Portal (A Composition for Eric Pan)

Each Petal a Portal is a four-part composition arranged and performed by Daniel Lazar and Brian Trahan. The lyrics are selected from various poems by Joshua Weiner. I....

The Life-Affirming Work of Funeral Director, David Jacobson

Committed to compassion and community, David Jacobson is the founder of Chicago Jewish Funerals. He cares for the deceased and comforts the mourners.  Learn more about...

Gear Up! Mike Lewin & Co. Attack Time

Mike Lewin is the owner and crew chief at Professional Awesome Racing. Check out the Professional Awesome team here. Need more Lewin? Listen to Hypercritical, the PA p...

Found in Translation with Patrick Baker

Dr. Patrick Baker is a translator, subtitler, and language consultant. Learn more about Patrick on his website. Perhaps peruse his robust academic CV. Per our conversa...

Always Time for Jonathan Trozzolo, Luxury Watch Salesman

Jonathan Trozzolo sells Omega watches and supports clients at the KaDeWe Boutique on Berlin's KuDamm. In thinking of time, JT heartily encourages you to read history! ...

Baptist Pastor Steve Dye Gathers & Scatters

Steve Dye is the founding pastor at the CrossWay International Baptist Church in Berlin, Germany. Since you might not get to the shag bark hickory tree on the northeas...

Chasity Crisp Leans into Vulnerability...and Angelica Schuyler

Chasity Crisp is a singer and an actress, currently playing Angelica Schuyler in the German production of Hamilton. Learn more about Chasity on her website. Follow her...

Coach Juliane Seumel Reframes Working Lives

Juliane Seumel is a coach for individuals and teams, companies and NGOs. She meets people where they're at, fosters growth mindset, and creates space for change.

Season 9 Takes Flight with Air Traffic Controller, Zach Doubek!

Zach Doubek is an air traffic controller at O'Hare International Airport.

Finding Common Ground with Environmental Policy Advisor, Alexandra Skinner

Alexandra Skinner is an Advisor to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection.

The Gospel of Studs: Hugh Williamson on Worker Priests

Hugh Williamson and I explore the mission of Worker Priests, also known as Ministers in Secular Employment.

On the Road with Hard Rockin' Booking Agent, Maxx Vick

Maxx Vick is a booking agent, working with hard rock and metal bands to conceptualize and actualize their North American tours.

Democracy Dies in Darkness; Silvia Foster-Frau Shines a Light at the WaPo

Silvia Foster-Frau is a multiculturalism reporter at the America Desk of the Washington Post.

Dan Mason Still Throws the Best Parties

Dan Mason is a restaurant manager and a stalwart of the Chicagoland dining scene. He is also one of the best guys around.

Esports Caster DarfMike Strikes Back

Mike Winnick, aka DarfMike, is a host and commentator for the esports juggernaut, Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Pedro Ferrer Miranda, Selección de Familia

Pedro Ferrer Miranda is the GM of Ferrer Miranda Wineries: Solar de Viejo, Valdubón, and Bodegas Vionta.

Happy Labor Day! (Short Bonus Rebroadcast)

Friends of the Pod weigh in for a short, kinda beautiful meditation on Labor Day. Celebrate with us!

Nickie Acero Steps Up to Empower Young Women

Nickie Acero is the Director of Strategy and Impact at the Step Up Women's Network.

Until We Meet Again...

I wouldn't want to take a sabbatical without telling y'all first.

Working Roundtable: The Paloma with Reposado Edition

Drove Season 7 into the station in conversation with 3 For a Living Patrons: Bruce Field, Joe Ravesloot, and Jeff Stein.

Keep the Pencil Moving (Song for Hannah Dougherty)

This is a song about a podcast conversation I recorded with Hannah Dougherty, a Berlin-based visual artist.Lyrics - Daniel Lazar (and Dr. Seuss)Lead Vocal - Daniel Laz...

Inspiration is a Luxury! Hannah Dougherty Keeps the Pencil Moving

Hannah Dougherty is a Berlin-based visual artist with whom it is always a bona fide joy to be in conversation. Today is her birthday!

Such Sweet Compulsion. Pianist Ben Kim!

Ben Kim is a kind soul, an internationally celebrated classical pianist, and a dear old friend.

Bodies Keep the Score (Song for Elina Akhmetova)

This track features Kevin Fleming on guitar bass, and backing vocal, Megan Fleming on vocal, and Marty Kondziolka on drums. It also features the John F. Kennedy High S...

The Kinesthetic Empathy of Elina Akhmetova

Elina Akhmetova is a London-based dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She fosters a longform community practice that tends towards collective ecstasy.

The Back Side of an Embroidered Pony (Sad Eagle Mix)

Scott Williams made this mix, a trip around the world, exclusively for this podcast. Wicked cool. Enjoy! 

Diggin' Deep with Scott Williams, aka Sad Eagle

Raised in Cornwall, residing in my building in Berlin, Scott Williams DJ who takes listeners on phantasmagoric sonic adventures.

Mandelstam: Voronezh, 1935 (Song for Joshua Weiner)

This song is a meditation on a podcast conversation with poet and professor, Joshua Weiner. The lyrics are a version of a Osip Mandelstam poem, translated by Weiner. I...

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