Shanti Chu Democratizes Philosophy

Shanti Chu is a community college philosophy instructor. She raises challenging questions, grapples with biases, fosters critical thinking, and opens the marketplace of ideas.
Want more Shanti? How could you not?
  • Dive into her concise but challenging philosophy videos on her YouTube Channel
  • In this YouTube video, Shanti discusses her recent contribution to Philosophy for Girls. 
  • She also maintains an active vegan food blog over here...or follow her foodie goodness on Insta
  • Not enough Shanti? I gotcha. She and her partner make music as Evanti. Check them out on Soundcloud.
Shanti recommends Sarah Ahmed's Feminist Killjoy. We both recommend Adichie's Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions

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Shanti Chu Democratizes Philosophy
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