Joshua Weiner Goes the Way His Blood Beats (Part 2)

Poet and professor Joshua Weiner and I explore poetry and music, inspiration and translation, adventure and catharsis.
Keep up with Josh on his website, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Pick up his new book Flight and Metamorphosis, a collection by the poet, dramatist, and Nobel laureate Nelly Sachs. The New York Times recommends it and so do I! Josh is on tour. Go see him live.

Diver deeper into  some of the poems we explore on the podcast: Casting Back, Paul van Ostaijen: Village, 1928 a version, Art Pepper, Mandelstam: Voronezh, 1935.
Josh might have you read the 1984 Village Voice interview with James Baldwin and urges you to watch the Apu Trilogy.

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Joshua Weiner Goes the Way His Blood Beats (Part 2)
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