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Evidence of a Struggle: Billy and Amanda of Reverend Billy's Chop Shop

The Reverend Billy Simmons and his partner in life and in work Amanda Simmons share the story and the mission of their punky, funky, and downright rockin' salon on Chi...

Jason Teplitz, Cyberwarrior!

Jason Teplitz is a cybersecurity expert and a sales engineering manager. His team makes hospitals, schools, governments, businesses, and elections more secure.

April Fools! Pet Eulogist Howard Maple

To launch our new series, ¬°StudZ'ShortZ!, we welcome internationally acclaimed certified pet funeral celebrant, Howard Maple. Dr. Maple brings pets into the afterlife ...

Cardiologist with a Heart of Gold, Guio Mendieta

Guiomar Mendieta MD, PHD is a Cardiologist with a specialty in Ischemic heart disease. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at CNIC in Madrid and is studying epidemi...

Spring Forward! Sustainable Farming with Hayden Holbert

Hayden Holbert is a regenerative farmer in Ripon, Wisconsin. He is young and innovative, clever and kind. He works assiduously to raise livestock, support plant life, ...

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